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Tips when renting a car

Knowing what you need before you see your options will help narrow the task. How many passengers are there, do you need a roof rack and can you drop the car off at a different location?
These are some of the issues you should take before deciding to rent a car.
Touring the beautyful city of Caracas or the picturesque town of Maracaibo is an amazing way to get the most out of your vacation. However, there are different road rules for every country and sometimes each city so get educated. Figure out what side of the road they drive on, what the speed limit is and what all those lights mean. It is very unwise to learn these as you go. No winging it please. You may also need to get an international drivers license. Again, research before you go.
The general rule is to bring the tank back the same way you received it full. If you run out of time you can return it with less however you will be charged for this. Make the time to fill it up so that you can avoid this extra cost.
Do a walk around before you leave the lot is there enough air in the tires, any previous damage, is there windshield washer fluid and oil, do they have a map for you and where is that spare tire? Also, if you happen to be renting a vehicle where it snows see if the agency will lend you a snowbrush.
You'll receive a receipt immediately after dropping off the rental car. It's important to check it to make sure the numbers match your expectations. But don't forget to watch for future bills that may hold surprises in the coming months.

More than one consumer has been surprised by a variety of additional fees and charges added to their bill well after they returned the vehicle. You can't fight it if you don't check your bill.

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